The offer he could not refuse | Welcoming peopleHum's new CEO, Anup Yanamandra

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The offer he could not refuse | Welcoming peopleHum's new CEO, Anup Yanamandra
Anup Yanamandra, peopleHum CEO

Anup is a Silicon Valley veteran and a lifelong product manager, an industry who's who for the last 25 years and a pioneer who has brought Human Capital Mgmt, CRM & compensation innovations to the market. Before taking the reins over at peopleHum, Anup was the Chief Product Officer at Betterworks, and has spent over a decade at SAP SuccessFactors building HCM platforms. Anup lives in the San Fransisco bay area and attended Carnegie Mellon University.

1. What made you choose peopleHum to lead?

Having spent 15 yrs building cloud HR applications ranging from performance, talent, and compensation solutions, it was important to find that next great platform and product company to work with. As I see it, PeopleHum is set for being the next big platform. Expectations of HR platforms have changed on many fronts, and the legacy solutions are not keeping up.  Mid-size companies don’t have access to modern HR platforms that employees love. They are forced to choose a lot of best of breed niche solutions and piece them together. I firmly believe peopleHum is a unique platform that solves this problem.

And last but not the least, I immediately loved the energy of the team and the founders, we shared a common vision. This is something that is unique to what I have seen in my past.

2. What is your definition of success?

The future vision of employee experience platforms has existed for sometime now, but are employees embracing the current solutions? The answer is – Not yet.My goal is to change that, I want to have happy and engaged users on our experience platform. The dream of HR buyers for years has been having platformthat is used on a daily basis. That is the path that I want to set peopleHum on.If you look at Peoplehum functionality outside of the core engagement and HCM platform, like OKRs, Huddle, Plans, Time, Approvals, Projects - that is what I thinkwe can provide. One thing I hear from prospects and partners that I have interacted with about peopleHum, they all say how simple and easy to use the platform is and how rich the functionality is. That is not something you hear about HR platforms often, that is exciting.

3. What according to you drives the making of a great product?

It starts with the what is the problem you are trying to solve and for who? If you are assembling cool technology and features then you are missing the mark. It also requires seeing ahead and anticipating where the market will be and what are the pain points with our customers and prospects. If you consider HR, there is a BIG shift every 5 yrs so, and we have seen one of those with Covid, accelerated with remote work. How do you solve for a hybrid-office environment and keep your culture and deliver results? The focus now is employee wellness, productivity, and resilience. These are not transactional or process problems, these require more emotional and behavioural understanding of the global workforce and the shifts that are aroundthe corner.

4. What are your views on the HRTech product space and evolution of platforms?

It is not just process/compliance, it is now about process + experience + intelligence. The platform that can bring everything together with micro-services architecture in the cloud with a unified user experience is what is going to win in the market.

5. What's the one quote the defines what you stand for?
Hire Smart People and Let Them Tell You What To Do — Just Like Steve Jobs  Did | Hacker Noon

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