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HR professionals looking at a tablet screen and analyzing employee data

Hire talent

Empower your hiring teams with Ai based technologies to parse resumes, analyze your hiring funnel, schedule, track, evaluate and automate to increase your hiring efficiency
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  • Get a rich dashboard with comprehensive insights on hiring
  • A full fledged applicant tracking and candidate experience platform
  • Manage referrals and calendaring
  • Latest one view of analytics
  • AI and automation across hiring workflows
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Group of employees engaging with each other in the workplace

Engage employees

Increase employee engagement with a continuous engagement cycle with surveys, ideation, gamification, recognitions, notifications and give them a voice to improve the workplace
  • Announce to your organization or specific teams 
  • Engagement index heat map and insights
  • Leverage the power of rewards and recognitions
  • Create challenges and submit ideas on one dashboard
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An HR manager pointing to a tablet and providing feedback to a colleague

Measure performance

Accurately measure performance with goal setting, 360 degree, leadership, self, and external feedback. Set up recurring cycles, measure mindfulness, competencies and improve overall performance with 1on1s and improvements tracking  
  • Performance review heatmaps and rich insights dashboards
  • Competency group mapping, setup and measurement
  • Individual, team and organizational goals set up and tracking
  • Set up 360-degree or leadership feedback templates
  • 1-on-1s on completion of review cycles
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A business man looking at his laptop screen while scrolling through his phone

Manage information

A full-fledged HRIS to store all information about every employee. Compensation and ESOP details, benefits, documents, contact and job history. Track leaves and attendance with biometrics integration. Approve leaves, resignations, track assets and projects as well as their activity on the platform all within one dashboard.
  • Track the assets assigned to every employee
  • Track compensation and benefits 
  • Employee information database
  • Integrate biometric system and track leave and attendance
  • View your organization’s attendance on one dashboard
  • View organizational charts by teams or employees
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A manager setting objectives and key results through a 1-on-1 with a colleague

Use (OKRs) Objectives & Key Results

Innovate for speed. Create objectives, setup key results, categorize, set timelines, track, manage and tie into growth measures or performance.
  • Get a rich dashboard with a comprehensive view of the objectives
  • Quickly create objectives with the relevant key results
  • Get a great view of the alignment of your objectives
  • Quickly check-in on your objectives with the progress updates
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Employees joining hands and showing team work

Track Team Huddles

Work is now broken down into huddles, whether remote or @work. Adopt the agile concept of huddles with tracking and tracing tasks, work done, dependencies, hurdles and risks at the employee and the team level.
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  • Get a rich dashboard with a comprehensive view of the daily status of the tasks
  • Get a view of the tasks assigned in your team to understand the work distribution
  • Get a dashboard with comprehensive language insights personalized for your team/organizations operational activities
  • Get down to a reporting period to understand the data for each key metrics
  • Quickly check-in on your assigned tasks with the progress updates
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Two colleagues looking at a laptop screen and scrolling through the various modules on a learning experience platform

Build learning organizations

Grow learning to increase resilience, flexibility and spur innovation by using a full framework Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for skills based, value based and personalized learning modules, assignments and completions
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  • Create compelling courses based on the skills needed by your organization
  • Define the grading of your courses based on different parameters
  • Setup learning objectives at each course level
  • Get a detailed tracking report of your organization and employees learning activities
  • Recommended high value learning content from industry experts
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A group of colleagues sitting in a group and analyzing data depicted in a chart

Use insights & analytics

Leverage the power of data and analytics for decision support across all people functions. Get nudges and insights into aspects that only a machine can process. Back your gut up with numbers as you take the best actions for your people.
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  • Hire right using our hire analytics dashboard
  • Engage right using our analytics dashboard
  • Nurture your employees right using our analytics dashboard
  • Engagement driven factors to view your organization’s story
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An employee scrolling through a tablet screen that has an icon of an intelligent assistant on it

Automate helpdesk with Phia

The menu is dying and the world wants to have a conversation. Phia - the intelligent assistant your people will love. Enhance your helpdesk with conversational intelligence that never sleeps, does not take days off and grows in learning with every interaction. The power of AI to assist your people, recreate your HR helpdesk with the latest in intelligence - artificial but real
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  • A familiar  and simple chat interface
  • Load all your policies & documents for anyone to look up information by asking a question.
  • HR help desk for creating HR tickets
  • Personalize the information for your employees
  • Let your employees file for leave and attendance
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Customer Testimonials

peopleHum’s differentiator is that they listen to the feedback, work on it and give us the final product quite immediatelyo9 Solutions, USA

Big fan of pepleHum! - Chester Elton, Influencer, Author and Co-founder of The Culture Works, USA

peopleHum is very easy to use, we are now using only one tool to accomplish everything: recruitment, performance appraisal, surveys Blibli, Indonesia

I’ve just been given an overview of the platform and would recommend that you check it out if you’re looking to migrate to a cloud -based HCM platform- #JobAdviceSA, South Africa

Thanks to the peopleHum team, our first performance cycle went off really well. The team here has been wowed by the seamless experience and the feedback they have received - Sattva Consulting, India

We wanted a one-stop shop solution and peopleHum has been so far on a good track. Nurture (performance management) and leave management have been very beneficial to us - iZooto, India

Why peopleHum

peopleHum is your solution for creating an engaged, productive, inclusive experience across all your people touch points within your organization. Best in class technology, unbeatable value and solid support from a responsible team enables easy adoption anywhere in the world

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