How peopleHum automates the grunt to make hiring & engagement a delight for Green Africa

Anushka Rajesh
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How peopleHum automates the grunt to make hiring & engagement a delight for Green Africa
How peopleHum automates the grunt to make hiring & engagement a delight for Green Africa
Princesse Likayi, Director of Talent and Culture at Green Africa


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Green Africa is a Lagos-based airline with a mission to be the quality airline that will better connect people and resources in Nigeria, and further open up the West African seaboard.

Q: Hi, Princesse, could you begin by telling us a little bit about who you are and what you do for Green Africa?

Princesse: My name is Princesse Likayi. I am the Director of Talent and Culture at Green Africa. My responsibility runs across the board. One is ensuring that we have a very robust and data-driven recruitment process, and also ensuring that we're building a strong culture that is rooted on excellence and ownership everyday.

Q: So how did you get to know about peopleHum?

Princesse: Surprisingly, a former employee of ours actually sent my details to one of your sales person and I got the email and then your folks added me on LinkedIn as well. And at that time I wasn't necessarily shopping, but I knew that I needed to find an alternative option for our HRMS. And so I just opened the pamphlet and I said, okay, it's interesting. It doesn't hurt to have a conversation. And I think that's when you and myself connected. And then we just were having ongoing conversations. We had the first onboarding with your CEO, and I think we had two or three sessions the first time. And then the next time we had our C-levels in the room and just asking questions, learning more about peopleHum.

Q: So what pain points were you trying to solve by considering peopleHum?

Princesse: So one critical pain point was recruiting because our business is a large volume-hired which meant that I'm going to be running recruitment across the board. And I also want to be able to filter and source quality candidates. And at that time, I was doing everything manually, from end-to-end. And because we have such a lean organizational structure, it was important that I replace unnecessary bodies with a much more robust system. 

So right now, my team is a team of three. And so we have one person that fully manages the recruitment cycle. And then the rest of us are on the strategy and also helping on the day to day ops. So, we just needed to really have something that was robust and can scale. And at that time, as now we're wrapping up, we did not have scalable processes. And at the same time, we were working harder instead of working smarter. So we needed a product solution that would tick off those key boxes.

"One critical pain point we were trying to solve for was recruitment. We just needed to have something that was robust and can scale. We realized we were working harder instead of smarter. So we needed a solution that would tick off those key boxes and found that with peopleHum. Now, my team consists of 3 people. We have one person that fully manages the recruitment cycle and the rest of us focus on strategy."

Q: So, the next thing that I had for you was that, you've been using peopleHum for quite some time now. So what do you think are certain features or even modules that you really like about peopleHum? How has it made your life easier?

Princesse: I like the ‘Hire’ module and I like the ‘Engage’ module and the Performance Management. The Hire module, because it just makes my life completely easy, because coming from utilizing an email inbox versus posting jobs online yourself and just being able to have the candidates come to you and having the power to say I don't need to open every CV that comes to me. I can just see it from the dashboard. 

The ‘Engage’ option has been very useful because I also want us to build a strong community. So, having folks recognize each other has become a good practice for us to remind ourselves that we are people and people want to be recognized for doing good things. So the more we give each other recognition, I think it does boost employee morale, and on top of that, everybody can see it. And I think it also encourages people to be a bit more mindful and also not taking their colleagues for granted. So the ‘Recognize’ feature, it's always good when you see "Oh, someone's been recognized for doing good." And I think that it really fosters a sense of community building and that we're actually thinking about each other and taking a step back to see, “Oh wow, this person didn't have to do that, but he did it anyways”. And I liked that part of building communities within Green Africa by utilizing the ‘Recognize’ platform. 

And also the ‘Referral’ has been very helpful. It tells me when one of our employees has referred someone and most importantly, the performance management. We haven’t dug deep into it but I liked the one-on-ones, to schedule one-on-ones where everything is documented, which goes back to why we chose peopleHum, because it will allow us to develop a talent management that's based on data.

Q: How has your experience been with peopleHum’s team, just your overall customer experience?

Princesse: I mean, it's been great. I'm sure you guys get emails from us every day. Moksha and Ekta have been very, very helpful, very, very responsive. They've been on multiple calls with us as we're still learning the platform. We keep sending emails and we know that we'll get the response the same day, if not, no later than 24 hours. And they've been able to walk us through the issues that we have. 

So it makes it very easy to know that you do have a support team out there that will help you, as opposed to, once you come on board, you pay and you don't hear anything anymore. And it has been completely opposite. You guys have been hands-on with us, and I hope that continues as we continue to be a customer.

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