Access Medical's people-centric approach to performance using peopleHum

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Access Medical's people-centric approach to performance using peopleHum
How Access Medical masters performance management with peopleHum
Omar Khatib, CEO of Access Medical


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Access Medical LLC is a medical devices distributor company that covers the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market.

Q: Could you introduce yourself?

Omar: I'm Omar Khatib, the CEO and the founder of AdvaMed group, which is a medical device company that operates in UAE through Access Medical, and we operate in Oman as GLE medical. It is a young company, around 10 years with very fast growth. And our objective or mission is to be the best in our field as a medical device distributor in the Gulf region.

Q: How did you get to know about peopleHum?

Omar: Since day 1 we believe in technology since we were two employees and now we are around 50 employees. We were using BambooHR before this and in our experience with Bamboo HR, we felt that there were a lot of things missing, multiple things. And we realized that if we wanted to have a good performance evaluation, a good e-learning, a good engagement tool in place, we needed to go to other softwares to do them. So we were looking for something that has everything. So we started doing our online research in-house and this is how we got to know about peopleHum and we requested for a demonstration where you presented and convinced us.

Q: So what are certain features that you really like about peopleHum?

Omar: The most important feature is that it has all the core features that people look for in a human capital management platform - like attendance management, vacation management, performance, employee engagement, surveys. So in other words, all the other add-ons we were looking for, we found them all in one place on your platform.

Q: On a scale of 10, 10 being the highest, how satisfied are you with peopleHum?

Omar: To be fair, I will put the grade on how it is now, not how we see it because, everyday things are improving and lots of features are being added and we know what's in the pipeline. So now i'll score it 7/10.

Q: So what were certain things that you find better with us as compared to Bamboo HR?

Omar: It's easier to customize on peopleHum. There were things that we requested and were able to get added. On BambooHR, you cannot add any customization. Plus the performance and e-learning feature on peopleHum is much more rich. Surveys are not there in Bamboo HR. Employee engagement, which is part of surveys was also not there. It was not customizable. They had only three questions, so we were not able to derive real value from it.

Q: And how was your experience with our team? The sales team, the support team, any particular person you would like to highlight or mention?

Omar: At the micro level, whenever I request anything from the IT department, they directly contact your team, and usually I get the answer immediately. So from a second layer, I feel that all our answers are being answered on time.

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